DVD call: 1924

Do you think you’ve seen bad movies? Well, I thought I had, too.

That is, until I saw 2003’s The Room.

The Room markets itself as a black comedy “with the passion of Tennessee Williams,” however, it is the most flat, plotless, poorly shot, atrociously acted film I’ve ever witnessed. Yes, I say witness because you don’t watch The Room, you witness it, like rubbernecking a 20 car pile-up.

Yet, somehow, I’d watch it again! The Room was SO terrible that it was hilarious, and my fellow viewers and I had a side-splitting evening all thanks to Tommy Wiseau, the genius of awfulness. He wrote, directed, produced (with 6 million of his own money), and starred in the film–and it’s really him that will have you cringing or laughing your pants off. Whether your watching the two main characters…I don’t even remember their names…deal with betrayal and unfaithfulness, or a side-character announce nonchalantly that she has breast cancer and then never mention it again, this film will leave you perplexed. Not to mention, Wiseau has the creepy air of a Euro-imported porn star.

The Room has now achieved cult status as “the worst movie ever made”, and it shows in theaters on a weekly basis, like Rocky Horror.

Oh yeah, also, here’s a warning I would have liked to have before I started watching: there are some REALLY uncomfortable sex scenes near the beginning that made all of us watching want to burn our eyes out of our heads at the overwhelming badness of them. Another warning, this film is REALLY misogynistic. As Wiseau says about his film, “You may not like it, but you will learn something.”

EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS! Get your friends together, pop some pop corn and get ready for a 90-minute journey into the abyss!


And an interview with Wiseau: