Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet

Release Date: 2008

Quick Rating: Hauntingly fantastic

McCain DVD Call #: 1925

What happens when you take two of the most competant actors of our time, throw them together with the director of American Beauty (Sam Mendes), and add a splash of composer Thomas Newman’s genius? Revolutionary Road happens, that’s what!

Set in 1950s Connecticut, the film tells the story of Frank (DiCaprio) and April (Winslet), two disenchanted suburbanites who can’t seem to confront the disapointment they feel in their lives.  A film very much about the obsession to socially conform in the 1950s and make a life  that resembles a Norman Rockwell painting, Revolutionary Road crept up on my emotions and left me feeling devastated. It’s a beautiful film that deserves  to be watched again and again. The two-actor show of DiCaprio and Winselt is something you  can’t take your eyes off  of; the writing is fantastic and Mendes’ visual poetry is trancendent.