Quick Review: Touching and heartwarming

Staring: Amir Farroukh Hashemian, Bahare Seddiqi

Release date: 1997

McCain DVD Call: 1864

Hashemian and Seddiqi are officially the cutest child actors. EVER.  Both turn out amazing performances in Iranian director Majid Majidi’s poignant film about childhood and  sibling bonds. After Ali looses Zahra’s only pair of shoes, Ali begs Zahra not to tell their father. Their family is poor, and he doesn’t want to add additional stress to their home dynamic. Instead, Ali and Zahra figure out a way that they can share Ali’s pair of shoes until Ali finds a way to get her a new pair.  Ali’s dedication to his sister and Zahra’s cleverness are real strengths of the film. For those of you interested in film history, the film had strong shadows of The Bicycle Thief (1948) and Italian Neo-Realism.

Children of Heaven is only Iranian film to be nominated for an Academy Award.